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 If you`re not on Social Media, your`re not on the internet.

Our mission is to build a top social media profile for your company and to help you to gain more customers by increasing your online visibility.

Why you need a social media campaign and how this can help you find more

customers and increase your income ?

·            A Social Media Campaign (SMC) is an organized strategic plan utilized to accomplish a social marketing goal or objective through the use of social networks, blogs, and other interactive media.


Types of Social Media Campaigns:

Let’s start by understanding the difference between a campaign and the larger social media strategy and tactics used to implement the campaign or strategy. A company’s larger social media strategy may incorporate multiple campaigns ranging from campaigns designed to grow the social communities for that brand to engagement campaigns designed to build customer loyalty or sell products. Some social media campaigns may be designed to accomplish more than one objective.

·         Community Building – Once your company has established profiles on the top social networks it is time to build up that audience. We accomplish this partially through social media optimization and other promotional strategies to your existing customer base; however, we also can do this even more rapidly by creating campaigns to stimulate the growth of your communities and gain new followers.

·         Branding – Includes any campaign designed to expose your company or brand to a new audience. This may be accomplished through viral strategies, optimization of your social media presence to encourage sharing of your company’s news, or through social media advertising.

·         Engagement – Social media campaigns in which the goal is to engage an established audience which may build on loyalty or promote new products or services. This type of campaign is designed to increase sales through social media marketing tactics.

·         Feedback & Testing – Social media offers a reliable source of users of your products or services and social networks are a great place to test new ideas on these brand evangelists.

Process to Create a Social Media Campaign

·         Determine goals

·         Brainstorm ideas

·         Determine which social networks will be used

·         Create the assets to be used in the campaign

·         Implement the campaign assets

·         Launch the campaign

·         Promote the campaign

·         Measure & adjust (if needed)



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Strategic Planning: Consulting with you to create the perfect social media strategy.

At the onset of your social media done for you campaign, one of our top strategists will work directly with you to craft a high-impact social media plan to reach your goals. On our upgraded programs, we have ongoing strategy sessions to align your social media program with your overall marketing strategy.

Content Development: Creating content in your voice, consistent with your style.

Our social media writers research your website(s), blog articles, videos, services, programs, products, and other materials to craft your tweets and posts. How do you know we are capturing your unique voice in your posts? Easy: We are using your words. Whenever possible, we take your pearls of wisdom and translate them into shareable, engaging, high-impact content. We also curate and post content from other sources that align with your brand, style, and target audience.

Posting: Maximizing your visibility by maintaining a consistent presence.

You will never have to fret about not having the time to post because your program is running continuously. Of course, you can log on to your accounts and post any time you like – it will not interfere with what we do for you. So, while you are getting busy growing your business and improving the world around you, your social media done for you program is zinging in the background and generating retweets, reposts, comments, and shares.

Community Engagement: Interacting directly with your following.

Get their attention! We get you noticed by those who you want to notice you. We systematically target potential partners and other influencers who can help spread your message. We also directly engage your followers to promote retweets and sharing.

Community Building: Expanding your communities.

We launch intelligent follower development to expand your social media networks and strengthen your communities on several sites. We focus on attracting your ideal audience so that your contacts grow in a meaningful and powerful way.

Reputation Management: Protecting your brand’s reputation on social networks.

Your account manager logs on to your account daily (Monday through Friday) to address any posts on your pages that could negatively impact your brand image, and to quickly capitalize and share followers’ posts that boast your brand’s brilliance. Your account manager will either respond to basic inquiries/comments, or contact you for posts that require more in-depth responses.

Analytics: Measuring and monitoring your social media campaign success.

Each month, we provide you with a report showing your growth and progress on each network we manage for you. We review your results and make any necessary adjustment to ensure your campaign remains on track.

We are here to help you accomplish your objectives, build a community and establish yourself as an online leader in your industry.

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